Wanslez Quaresma is a Sr Art Director and Design based in Germany
I was born in a very small town in Brazil, and I worked in 7 different Countries. Another guy was born there too, Roberto Carlos, he's a bit more famous than me.

I learned my trade working for some of the most creative agencies around the globe; Africa agency in Brazil, Saatchi&Saatchi Italy, Y&R Dubai and Possible Moscow.

I have a Russian wife, a dog...actually I wanted a little pig, but she did not agreed on it. I also speak 5 different languages, I can ask for beer in Italian, Russian, English, Portuguese and German.

If you'll like my work, we'll talk again, if not, we'll not. Say hello! wanslezquaresma@live.com
Together with the Azbuka Vkusa, Perekrestok.ru, Ozon, Dodo Pizza and Delivery Club, we have erected a monument to those who made self-isolation possible,
the world's first monument to delivery service workers.
To draw attention to the problem of pollution of the Black Sea and its coasts. Call on to locals and tourists to be more attentive to the environment. To draw attention to the problem of pollution of the Black Sea and its coasts. Call on to locals and tourists to be more attentive to the environment.
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
American GArden
A little thing can have a huge impact

a SEQUENCE OF digital movies about each new Accessory
of the new volkswagen tiguan.
trunk, sunroof, parking autopilot, rear view camera,
cruise control, climate control
Young Pea
To promote the new Bonduelle product Young Pea in Russia. We have create a Pea character that would be the voice of the product. The main campaign started as a TV commercial, were the Pea and his family was introduced.
After that, we developed a social campaign with the claim: " We are sure that Peas deserve a place among broccoli, grapes and potatoes on the emoji tab!
Speed your House
Light Posts Projectors
We created to AES Eletropaulo, one of the main energy providers in Brazil, the Light Posts Projectors, a road show project using light and a set of lens device that turned the light posts fo the first time into a new media channel to tell stories.

Clients were invited to access the fansite http://www.historiasquebrilham.com.br (shinning stories) and send their lives remarkable moments that happened in places enlightened by the light posts of the cities.

The best stories had their headlines projected by the light posts exactly where they took place.


One Show – Intellectual Property - Bronze
Festival de la Publicidad Independiente (Latin America)
Gold and Bronze
Prémios Lusos - Portugal
Gold in Activation and Gold in Outdoor

Super-Max | Un-man Yourself
To encourage donations for the education of Syrian children we used a special animation technique: all the frames were hand drawn on a school blackboard, then colored and finalized.
Velcom Telecom Company
Velcom is the first GSM-operator in the Republic of Belarus providing telecommunication services under the brand names "Velcom" and "PRIVET". The Company started its operations on April 16, 1999.
Since November 2007 Velcom is a member of Telekom Austria Group (TAG), one of the most successful telecommunication holdings in the Central and Eastern Europe, which currently consists of a fixed net in Austria and eight mobile communication operational companies.
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