Wanslez Quaresma is a Sr Creative and art director based in Germany
Berliner PhilharmonieI was born in a very small town in Brazil, and I worked in 7 different Countries. Another guy was born there too, Roberto Carlos, he's a bit more famous than me.

I learned my trade working for some of the most creative agencies around the globe; Africa agency in Brazil, Saatchi&Saatchi Italy, Y&R Dubai and Possible Moscow.
I have a Russian wife, a dog...actually I wanted a little pig, but she did not agreed on it. I also speak 5 different languages, I can ask for beer in Italian, Russian, English, Portuguese and German.

Awards & Recognition 2023
Cannes Lions - McDonalds Happy Ramadan - 1 Bronze, 1 Shortlist
Eurobest - McDonalds - 1 Bronze, 2 Shortlist
LIA - McDonalds - 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 2 Bronze
ADC, Europe - Berlin Philarmonie, Silver
ADC, Germany - McDonalds, Happy Eyes
Epica Awards, Berlin Philarmonie, Bronze
Luerzers Archive, McDonalds, Berlin Philarmonie - Edition: 3/2023

Happy Ramadan

6 million Muslims live in Germany. 82% practice their faith on daily basis. During Ramadan, the majority experiences stress because of the high amount of food images that wallpaper the cities.

Describe the Impact:
With zero paid media in addition to billboards, we have stimulated conversation, increased Sentiment Score and created online buzz. Helping a community of six million people to be accepted and included.

Tell me Why? McDonalds has changed the BigMac.
A global 360 Campaign to tell all BigMac fans why McDonalds has changed their hero menu, the BigMac
No one knows how to make children happy
more than McDonald's.

Nobody knows how to make children happy more than Happy Meal.
How to tell this storv immediately?
Simply by showing a perfect affinity:
between the eyebrows of happy customers and the brand logo
An iconic campaign, not the usual yadda yadda,
showing everyone what the shape of joy is.
Berliner Philharmoniker

The open, progressive character of the Berliner Philharmoniker is also reflected by their pentagonal logo, which was inspired by their concert hall's visionary architecture. Based on this logo, we constructed a fully mirrored, five-sided box. Any object placed within is now reflected almost infinitely by the five mirror surfaces. Then we placed a wide variety of objects inside the mirror box, which allude to upcoming concerts and topics. As the mirror box unfolds a multitude of perspectives of the objects, we give the concert season a striking visual expression of the orchestra's openness and diversity.

Our sea made by humans!
To draw attention to the problem of pollution of the Black Sea and its coasts. Call on to locals and tourists to be more attentive to the environment. To draw attention to the problem of pollution of the Black Sea and its coasts. Call on to locals and tourists to be more attentive to the environment.

The One Show: Direct Marketing (Craft — Art Direction): Shortlist IP & products (physical products): Shortlist / Epica Awards: Packaging Design: Shortlist / ADCE Awards: Graphic Design (Spatial / Experimental Design): Nomination / AD Black Sea Awards / Art Directors Club Russia / Webby Awards Advertising, Media & PR / Integrated Campaign: Honoreed / Luerzers Archive Magazine 2021 / Permanent Collection at the Poster House Museum in New York 2021

Light Posts Projectors
We created to AES Eletropaulo, one of the main energy providers in Brazil, the Light Posts Projectors, a road show project using light and a set of lens device that turned the light posts fo the first time into a new media channel to tell stories.

Clients were invited to access the fansite http://www.historiasquebrilham.com.br (shinning stories) and send their lives remarkable moments that happened in places enlightened by the light posts of the cities.

The best stories had their headlines projected by the light posts exactly where they took place.

One Show - Bronze, Intellectual Property/ Prêmio Lusos - Gold (gold) - Outdoor, Gold - Activation / Fepi Awards- Gold e Grand Prix
- Gold and bronze/ Colunistas - Prata (Promo), Bronze (Mídia Exterior) / El Ojo Iberoamerica - Gold

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